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new art songs in the dark
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Falling (songs in the dark) is a newly created Liederabend for voice and electric guitar duo, each supported by self controlled live-electronics.

If we compare the tempo of the human daily experience today to ones in times past, evidence shows that our inner metronome is ticking faster. As information and relationships turn digital, the more hyper visualised our lives become through the value we place on screens, as well as the judgement we place on its content. Despite technologies advancing us, Falling is a call to repossess our time and the ability to relate, or not, what we see. 

Falling is an intimate performance developed and coproduced by soprano and maker Maribeth Diggle, together with Argentinian composer and guitar player Ezequiel Menalled. It offers an intimate musical setting, borrowing tools from the Liederabend tradition, inviting listeners to dive into the core quality of Art Song which is predominantly based on auditive experiences.

Through newly composed music, live electronics and live body lighting, this creation for soprano and electric guitar combines elements of text and mood in a modern way while maintaining an intimate presentation format, inviting listeners to believe their ears and senses before they believe their eyes.

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