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breath art:

a practice which investigates breath as the primary actor in all forms of dynamic breath expression in performing bodies.

The Breath Art Project will investigate how breath can be identified and studied as a primary actor in practices of dynamic performance expression, and how embodying conscious breath techniques can strengthen different performance output, which will help design a brand new breath art methodology to contribute to, and complement, already standing curriculum. Until now, the role of breath as a central part of the performative and interpretative act has been largely under analysed, treated more as utilitarian, and lacks definition as an essential form of communication and tool to discover and embody authentic expression. This project, therefore, will analyse and define breath's agency in performing bodies and performative practice, not exclusively from a therapeutic point of view, but from an expressive, performative, and creative perspective. It will do so by analysing what I call “dynamic breath output” (the multiple characteristics which breath produces as forms of expression) through varied regular workshops, and by continuing my own professional work in breath art practice. My goal will be to design a unique methodology without the standardisation of output, which can update and diversify performance practice through the medium of breath. 


PhD project RITCS Brussels in collaboration with the Conservatory of Brussels at the Free University Brussels.

International workshops in breath art include Cape Town Performing Arts Academy South Africa, Institute Français Kinshasa The Democratic Republic of Congo, Center for Contemporary Dance Cologne Germany, Ningbo University China, les ateliers C de la B Gent Belgium, the International Sommerlabor Frankfurt am Main Germany, the University of Zwolle the Netherlands, Les Maitres Sonneurs Opera Laboratoire Toulouse France, and RITCS Academy for Theater, Cinema and Sound Brussels Belgium.

Publications include STOPS Social and Political Suffocation (Górska & Trakilović) - APNEA ARIA score written for SOLA SOLETTA which was premiered at the Opera Ballets Vlaandren in 2022 together with composer Ezequiel Menalled

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