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A new Easter Passion.

Passio is a newly staged oratorio that deals with today’s stories of the sacrificial acts, suffrage, and cultural resurrection of feminine figures.


In an age where gender politics are openly discussed, relating to God as “He” and Jesus as a “son”, can feel difficult to relate to. The biblical female figures who surrounded Jesus had false reputations placed on them by male heads of church as a form of oppression and control.


Using the framework of a Passion, personal stories make up Passio's libretto, through a less Eurocentric lens and a more democratic creation approach. Musical backgrounds include jazz, blues, Karnatik, Morrocan, experimental and early classical. The result comes from the bottom of our hearts as many genders face the fine line of losing personal freedoms, even today.



Maribeth Diggle - concept, director, soprano

Lucie de Saint Vincent – concept, composition, piano

Rajna Swaminathan – Indian percussion

Alejandra Borzyk - saxophone

Tina Chancey - viola da gamba 

Joyce Scott – blues vocals

Laïla Amezian – jazz- and Moroccan vocals

Timothy Nelson and Gaia Saitta - dramaturgy

With huge thanks to the Fonds Podiumkunsten, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, Villa Albertine, Compagnie Trytone, IN Series, Muziektheater Transparant, and O. Festival for supporting and enabling the creation of this necessary work.

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