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s o p r a n a


Concept/Maribeth diggle

photos/Ilja vlietstra

hair&make-up/marissa coster

This is the first of a photo series motivated by my work with contemporary ballet dancers since many years, but also inspired by the quote, "On stage, I am in the dark." expressed by Maria Callas.


Although Maria was probably referring to her being extremely myopic, she also admitted that this aided her stage presence and ability to be fully in the moment. I immediately related to similar experiences of freedom in feeling that state of "blindness" she spoke of during moments of performance. I realised through the honesty of her remark that a performer, someone who appears to have answers in front of a public,  is actually someone whose strength lies in what they do not show, what they cannot be, and just in what they are at this very vulnerable instant.

This photo series is a small dedication to this "in the dark" state, this acceptance that at any moment, things can change - you can find loneliness or unification, success or failure, you can get lost and suddenly the earth below you is the only thing you own, and you can offer up your own nude humanity by simply saying "I don't know". For me, this is a strength, a true mirror into the soul, and has been my goal as I continue to call myself "soprana".


through breath


Breathing, posture and creativity workshops for performing artists

- Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz        HfMT Köln

- Les Ateliers C. de la B.

- Tanzlabor 21 Frankfurt am Main

Falling words.jpg


(Songs in the dark)

Concept/Maribeth Diggle

Composition/Ezequiel Menalled

A performance about intimacy, a reinvention of the Liederabend inspired by Canciones Populares, a balance between tradition and innovation, and a challenge to repossess our time.
Falling will be presented in Argentina, The Netherlands and Germany.



concept/Maribeth Diggle

composition/ezequiel menalled

Choreography/lisi estaras

Residency interview at De Grote Post (Oostende, BE)