interview: sola soletta
De Grote Post Blog, 2019
"A mellow rhythm that finds its fulfilment towards the end with Maribeth Diggle’s stunning lyrical singing."
The Wonderful World of Dance (2018)
"The whole cast acts convincingly and the singing is especially strong. Diggle´s (Aida) warm-blooded soprano and Tao Tong´s lively tenor lay the groundwork..."
Volkskrant (2018)****
"In the ensemble of soloists... especially the women, the convincing: Maribeth Diggle (Mrs. Ford), with a crisp and powerful soprano voice." (2014)
"And when the sophisticated role is mastered as sovereignly as Maribeth Diggle, one can speak about a small vocal sensation." (2014)
"Maribeth Diggle as Médée oozes the brooding resentment and despair that eventually leads to her cruel revenge."
 de Stentor, NL (2014)
"Fortunately OPERA2DAY features Maribeth Diggle at the premiere, ...a strong singer for the title role." (2014)
"The fiery performance of Médée was premiered by American soprano Maribeth Diggle, who rose in all respects to the high challenges that the role demands."
Volkskrant, NL (2013)****
"...Maribeth Diggle, accompanied by Martin Pickard, (sang) Un bel di so 
beautifully that I had shivers running down my spine..." (2012)​
"Terrific Sprechgesang in the melodrama of Arnold Schönberg: Maribeth Diggle." 
Emder Zeitung (2010)​
"(Her) performance in Ochtrup inspired...with vocal power and sensitive interpretation." 
Tageblatt Kreis Steinfurt (2010)​
"Songs dominated the program… expressive and thrilling interpretation from the American soprano, Maribeth Diggle..." 
Rheiderland Zeitung (2010)​
"Maribeth Diggle (Fiordiligi) showed until the end that she could describe any mood with her voice. Sometimes she did things with her voice, where one could not believe ones ears, such as her dotted high notes." 
Opera Magazine (2009)​
"The American soprano Maribeth Diggle is an eccentric Donna Elvira in acting and singing." (2008)​
"It was very touching…the longingful love-sighs of Tatiana (the warm Maribeth Diggle) were brought to light..." 
Volkskrant, NL (2008)​
"The recitative by Maribeth Diggle inserted heartbreaking gypsie music, which gave Monteverdi's religiously born Vespers a lot of energy and passion." Online Musik Magazin, DE (2006)​